Web Based Dispatching and Work Order Software

Allows the technician to start work from their home instead of the office thus eliminating time spent turning in daily paperwork.  

Electronically records technician time, breaks, mileage, systems data, invoicing, monies collected, hours worked,  and work order completion from their vehicle.

Eliminates the need to re-input data from a paper invoice at the office level and will greatly reduce technician time in the office.

Previous customer repair and maintenance history can be displayed to the technician.

Provides typed professional system report for the customer.

Parts redistribution to the technician can be accomplished via a parts runner during their work day making the technicians time specifically for completing tasks assigned to them thus increasing the amount of calls they can complete in a given day.

Electronic information sharing such as company memos, parts needed, newly assigned Work Orders and any other valuable information is easily sent inside the software system.

Simple dispatching ability for Work Order assigning based on technician availability and area.

One of a kind Work Order and Data logging form specific to the HVAC/R industry which includes Auto-Filled recommendations for the customer.

Customer data bases with Search function stored on our server.

Mileage and Timekeeping Reports generated daily for each technician including time spent on individual service calls.